The Secret of Double Foaming Bright and beautiful skin Create enviable beauty muscles

Carbonic acid is also used in medical field.
In Europe, carbonic acid has been used in medical treatment since ancient times; in recent years, especially the effect of revitalizing skin has attracted much attention, and it has been effectively used in muscle products.
Accurate Innovation Technology, Perfectly Lock Carbonic Acid
With precise science and technology, the instantaneous blooming of easily dissipated carbonate is successfully and steadily sealed in the gel to achieve perfect synergy between the active ingredients.

Double Foaming Witnesses Miracle of Skin Rejuvenation

Carbonate gas penetrates deep into the muscular floor. Precise injection of oxygen, revitalize the skin. Fine and dense carbonated bubbles can effectively clean pore dirt and create transparent elastic tight muscles.

1~2 times a week.

Deep cleaning of pore

Deep cleaning of dirty pore grease, improve blackhead and pore coarseness!

3~4 times a week.

Improve dullness of skin

Mobilize the vitality of the skin itself, instantly dispel dullness and improve the uneven skin color!

More than 4 times a week

Repair delicate skin

Effectively enhance the relaxation age muscle, shape a fresh, compact, full of elasticity of the face contour!